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“I hear mechanics always talk about how important oil changes are, but they are not really that important, I can take care of them any time really and be fine.”  This is sometimes what people think about getting an oil change for their vehicle and of course it is not the correct way to think about it but let’s provide some comparisons to help make it clear why it is such a big deal to not only get oil changes but to keep up with them and do them on a regular schedule.

Not getting your oil refreshed by changing it would be comparable to the Tampa Bay Lightning playing their games without hockey sticks. If they did it once, that would be bad for their team and they would definitely lose the game but if over time they kept up this behavior their team would suffer incredibly. Same with the oil in your vehicle is so important for your engine that missing one oil change would hurt your vehicle and consistently missing or delaying putting new oil in your vehicle would do long term damage to your vehicle.

Let’s provide another similar type of situation using a different scenario. Okay, you are on the beach, having a good time, but it is taking forever to get water, or you do not get water at all the whole time you are at the beach.  One time you will be dehydrated and a little bothered but if this consistently happens that could really mess with your body and make you not want to frequent the area where this happening.  Same with your vehicle, no oil or late oil does not allow your vehicle to right correctly and does not lubricate your engine so over time your vehicle may run inconsistently or refuse to run at all.

Whether you live in Tampa, FL or are just a visitor to the city of Tampa, you want to make sure you not only take proper care of the oil refresh of your vehicle but you regularly schedule it with a trusted mobile mechanic, someone like me, not to toot my own horn but I happen to be the best in the area.

When it comes to mobile mechanics or auto mechanics in general, I blow past the competition without an auto repair shop and put the focus squarely on the you, the customer.

Price also plays an important factor, your buck goes further when you use the number one mechanic local to the area, but how?

Simple, since I am mobile, I can cut away the added baggage on your bill that other auto mechanics chunk onto it to cover the extra costs associated with having the actual repair shop. Also, I make it my mission to be as transparent as possible so that you know what you are getting, you get to choose the brand of manufacturer you want for the parts that go on your vehicle, and I do not sit back try to nickel and dime you, and I also have and welcome you being there through the service asking questions as I go.  I want you to be clear on everything, so that you can have the best experience possible and that is why you should let me do all auto repairs for your vehicle including your oil changes on a regular schedule.


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